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writing you these letters

excerpts from a letter i wrote myself a little more than two years ago in a half filled sanctuary in the Chicagoan suburbs… courtesy of e.


hey wendy. haha, God really has a way of working, you know. one of the things you wrote in your past letter was that you shouldn’t focus on your past,… so i didn’t include any of my past letters.

what is the past like?… what was your past like? a road marked with glimpses of grace, touches of mercy, all washed with your Savior’s love… wendy, you’ve grown so much. the next time you’ll read this, you’ll be 1/4 of the way done with college (note: i thought i’d get this back a year later… haha) i know i don’t see it a lot, but God’s been shaping you more and more to be a child of His, a daughter He takes pride in. this past summer has had its share of mistakes… but think about how much you have enjoyed just being with your Creator. think about the good,… and cling onto those.

[… insert personal reminders, sentiments, people & events….]

… it’s like we need that reminder from the past,… where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. light of the world is playing on 54’s ipod right now,… that’s your past. the joy and training that God’s given you at ccmc. look at your backpack,… cornell. that’s where you are now. bringing back news of the Gospel message from the east, reflecting, rejoicing, realizing the Bigness of You. and here we are, in that precarious balance,… finding myself ready to need You. trust You. delight in You.

be excited for what’s to come, wendy. think about God’s good work in your life. how He’s not done with You, at ccmc, at cornell, not just yet. there’s more to your life than just grades, just fellowship, just school,… and you know it. deep inside you where the Holy Spirit hovers, you know things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. remember the promise of the Kingdom… revelation, when His glory falls on this earth.

and… PRAY for that. you’ve learned this semester how precious prayer is, and how important it is.

sing joyfully to the world
pray for your parents’ salvation
pray for those around you
just,… pray.

heads up, eyes up.
God was still good before you were born.

– wendy, 12.16.2005.