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more than life

Last night, my fellowship cancelled it’s normal large group session and decided to reserve Barton Hall for the evening (read: an airplane hanger transformed into a ginormous gym. It’s massive!) Whilst there was a tad of commotion amongst the other fellowships (‘Wow, you guys cancelled your large group just to play sports??”) I was thinking today while I was showering and getting ready for work — why not?

Somewhere in the midst of playing touch football — and being unashamedly proud that boyfriend is arguably fastest boy I know :) — and kickball and simply bumming around the 2095709314 square feet we had access to… seeing dozens of new faces from people who had invited their friends, housemates, classmates… striking up a conversation with the two students who were on shift that night about who we were and why we were there…. should that not be the focus of a fellowship aiming to seek kingdom come on this campus?

Last week in small group we studied the fact that Jesus had a ministry and a message in Mark 1– while the message was the crux and the ‘reason why He has come,’ without the ministry it would simply be a hands-off Christ in a world in need of healing…. how can that be? It’s good knowing we serve a God who does not simply care about our spiritual well-beings but is even deliberate with our physical, emotional, mental health :)