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Sometimes it is sufficient, just to hear a whisper and affirmation of His everlasting love for a daughter.

You are higher than the heavens, brighter than the sun
Yet You love me, still You love me

Imagine the privilege I had of listening to worshiping alongside Merchant Band a couple of years ago, basking in the glorious truth of death on a cross. After so many conversations about God and the validity of the Bible and knowing God’s presence… all these questions other interns seem to have, and it takes all of the rationale I can muster to not yell out“Do you not see His great love for you?!”

So many years after Christ first stepped into my life, yet I’m still caught in the wonder of seeing how a Father like Him could love a girl like me.

random thought of the summer

One of the coolest parts about an engineering internship is that I get the hang out with people that I would never ever have the time nor opportunity to hang out with at college. Some of skills I’m currently practicing: aggressive driving, beer pong on makeshift table, beaching without burning, and learning to love on people… amongst many others.

Currently spending the 4th of July holiday @ San Diego — remind me to blog about my freak-Intervarsity Staff run-in this past weekend. And long-conversation with ST!