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My schedule for the last semester of undergraduate….


.. yet so much left to be done!

in christ alone

There is a richness in what it means to know Him when the perils of hell are close at hand. This past weekend, I was able to participate in an inter-faith in which only 4-5 Christians… out of over 100 differing people, representing over 20 faiths. And as I am sitting there, slowly chewing on my naan and hummus, listening to how all religions really lead to the same place, people sharing about their odd dietary restrictions that bring them joy, everyone sharing and noddly gleefully or that certain truths that may work for one person may not work for another person, I found myself saying something similar to the following:

“Hey guys… I have a question for you. I know this dinner tonight is to promote interfaith and peace and learning and I’m all for that but… I fail to see how all religions are supposed to ultimately be the same. In our pursuit for truths within religions, how can all religions which hold very different truths all lead to the same God?”

*blank stares*

“So for example — the persona of Jesus. In three of the Abrahamic religions which easily constitute half the population of the world, He is a radically different person. In Judaism, he’s a mere historical figure — a person who lived and died. In Islam, he is a prophet yes, but nowhere near in status as Mohammed. In Christianity, He is the son of a living God who has lived, died for our sins and was resurrected. How can these all be truth?”

I think my proclamation shocked most of my table which consisted of: a buddhist monk, a mormon, a roman catholic, a unitarian, a christian scientist, a jew, a hindu, and a roman catholic/explorer of faiths. Even if I were not a Christian, I simply do not believe how any truth can be relative! It’s like ‘choosing’ to adhere to the laws of gravity or not. On Monday during lunch, I tried explaining to a dear friend of mine why I share the gospel with her every year even though she shoots it down — If I didn’t try sharing this truth with you, I would either be a liar or a hypocrite — a liar because I simple don’t care about your soul and what happens to you when you die, or a hypocrite — that I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is a universal truth that affects the entire world.


I hope the Lord can grant me this kind of urgency as I enter almost my last semester as a college student…. I remember one of my deepest regrets from high school was not being bold enough in the faith. 




there are these times
when i know You are good
and sovereign and worth it


but these times i find myself asking
are You worth the sacrifice

letting down my professors, my peers,… the world?

in CHRIST alone….

the resolution

Well, there is it. The Chicago Cubs… breaking hearts since 1908 =/


ANOTHER YEAR…… (as we say every year). You’ll see — one of these days we’ll make it to the World Series and I shall make it — right along the first baseline, cheering them cubbies on. (Unless of course, Jesus returns and raptures us all before then,… which is looking to be quite likely as of now….)

For the early birds, Cornell will be on the Early Show on CBS! Alumni David Price will be doing something or another, but hey free coffee :) /7am EST.

As for now… another long night ahead as I type up scientific reports for why energy levels of mercury are quantized. w00t!

PS. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but recently my blog post titles have been songs. Props if you can guess what they are :)

more than life

Last night, my fellowship cancelled it’s normal large group session and decided to reserve Barton Hall for the evening (read: an airplane hanger transformed into a ginormous gym. It’s massive!) Whilst there was a tad of commotion amongst the other fellowships (‘Wow, you guys cancelled your large group just to play sports??”) I was thinking today while I was showering and getting ready for work — why not?

Somewhere in the midst of playing touch football — and being unashamedly proud that boyfriend is arguably fastest boy I know :) — and kickball and simply bumming around the 2095709314 square feet we had access to… seeing dozens of new faces from people who had invited their friends, housemates, classmates… striking up a conversation with the two students who were on shift that night about who we were and why we were there…. should that not be the focus of a fellowship aiming to seek kingdom come on this campus?

Last week in small group we studied the fact that Jesus had a ministry and a message in Mark 1– while the message was the crux and the ‘reason why He has come,’ without the ministry it would simply be a hands-off Christ in a world in need of healing…. how can that be? It’s good knowing we serve a God who does not simply care about our spiritual well-beings but is even deliberate with our physical, emotional, mental health :)


A few days ago, I had a somewhat memorable dream. I was sitting in an older, wood lodge cabin,… one of the ones you’d find at a ski lodge, with a huge fireplace. All around me were CCMC (now LWEC) college kids, asking how each other were, loving on one another, catching up, talking, laughing,… I was talking to someone new on the side, asking me what this community was like, and myself answering with a smile. It was home, I replied,.. what else could it be?

Then I got a phone call. “W… are you coming? We saved a seat for you.” I get a sudden glimpse (through my dream, go figure) of cornell. of my cornellian friends sitting at a large table, with one empty seat, with c.hung on the phone asking about where I was…

Then I woke up. feeling torn.. homesick.. lonely.

All this time,… I couldn’t, can’t let go of Chicago. Of the roads driven and places eaten and people prayed over, those who took the time to disciple and grow me, the time to talk to and teach and mold,… more often than not I’d feel, I do feel a void of that here.

Yet a couple of days ago at Mini-O’s, a brother of mine got hurt playing the snake game (think the cheap java game but with people). And as he was lying on the ground, blood gushing out of his left temple, and me and several alumni fumbling with first aid kits to bandage and clean,.. he says, “haha,… w, you know why I bought that first aid kit? it’s ’cause last year, you kept telling me to bring it,.. haha…”

And at that very moment, though I didn’t know it until today, that’s when our Father, my Father who had before only shown me family in suburbia illinois,… said this is your brother. He was suddenly the timmie’s, the tommy’s, the jon’s,..

And maybe it is because the junior class and I just spent the last.. almost 12 hours working on felly dinner food & presents in my dinky little apartment,… playing the pen game with toilets and aslan. But somehow, in the midst of the delirium,.. it’s there… You’re there…

edit: bandaged little bro & myself:

Ivy League Congress

w00t! I just registered for this.

“The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action 2008 is expected to be the largest gathering of Christian Ivy League students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends in history. The weekend is designed to increase our vision and ability to advance the kingdom of Christ in our vocations and our society.

I always imagined college would be like this — going to conferences, being bold & proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all our ridiculously smart campuses. woohoo :D


currently spinning: came to the rescue — hillsong united (acoustic)

there are days when it feels like there’s an epic battle discerning how to act and love and support my fellowship.

i’ve always considered taking an year off from school to go on staff somewhere. intervarsity at it’s best is an organization that i believe can be engaging college students to be concerned with the kingdom of god in a tangible & ideological way. yet, when i think that it’s my school that no staff desire to come to,… that it’s my school that has the need,… i shudder at the idea of having to stay here another year.

i realize that for those in chicago, never once did i seriously consider leaving or abandoning the people, the church, the leadership, because of roadblocks or bumps. i realize that even on swavt, despite all of the messiness and brokenness our team had, never once did i want to put into action feelings of dissatisfaction and disgruntled-ness. or through messy relationships & a more than exuberant youth group,…  somehow, God was gracious enough  to show me beyond the mess into something beautiful.
when will i learn what it means to love despite unloving people? when will i see that love is not even unconditional, but conditional on the fact that those i (struggle to) serve have also been recipients of blood spilled by the lamb?

sigh. i keep thinking back to a brother’s story of a conference he went to,… of how when there was conflict, the worship team leader once stopped in mid-song and confessed he couldn’t keep worshipping when he knew the body of christ had been broken as such.

i look at my school and,… am, remain, very doubtful that something like that could ever happen.

college students

random thought:

There are times when I wish I could just grab some of these college kids by the shoulders and tell them straight to their face that their God loves them, that their God adores them and has gone to such great lengths to passionately chase after them, and that there is a God who is bigger than problem sets and prelims and final exams and if they could just see that, if we could just see that,…. and that I can see myself doing it to youth group kids and seeing how four years later we’re all just that young, oh so very young and in need of our Savior,…

//end thought

News from this Ivy League & Beyond

Most days, I don’t remember/realize that I attend an Ivy League school. Today, however, it seemed excruciatingly clear the type of influence and power the children attending school here have/will have.

Why today? A friend of mine recently published an opinion piece in our local school newspaper that basically preached the gospel. Within hours, all of our Christian list-serves were flooded with, “Check out pg. 9 of the Daily Sun!”

What’s funnier/more interesting? are the comments on the online publication –>

In other news, a teacher from Sudan was recently arrested for “defacing” the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Immediately thoughts of my near eastern class are flooding through my mind and the conflicts within Islam.

Anyway… back to my paper on radical fundamentalist Islam.


So tonight marks the night of my first acapella concert on campus (barring the all-Christian acapella group) and I must say, it was pretty cool. I especially enjoyed this one song that seemed like it was a critique of the Gulf war — it’s always interesting and enjoyable hearing student and music groups being concerned and involved about politics, morality, and social issues in their music. There was this article I read a while back about how there’s this shift in rap music from songs about big bootys and bling bling into political issues and morality –… though, I’m not sure if that uh, has shifted back or not.

Anyway, point being: I enjoy music with depth =P

Although,… I did enjoy their rendition of It’s Business Time by Flight of the Conchords.  Business time, that’s why they call them business socks.