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random thought of the summer

One of the coolest parts about an engineering internship is that I get the hang out with people that I would never ever have the time nor opportunity to hang out with at college. Some of skills I’m currently practicing: aggressive driving, beer pong on makeshift table, beaching without burning, and learning to love on people… amongst many others.

Currently spending the 4th of July holiday @ San Diego — remind me to blog about my freak-Intervarsity Staff run-in this past weekend. And long-conversation with ST!

all things new

G.Jao’s idea for the next three years of my life:

Work for a few years at high-paying enginerding job. Save up $$. Send parents off to nice vacation in Hawaii. In their hotel room, leave vase of flowers with a note saying, “Dear parentals, enjoy this vacation on me! By the way, I have just changed my job — please change my email address to… “


Back from Chapter Focus Week and trying to learn what it means to trust…

staff workers

I always find it so amusing talking to people with different perspectives on the same campus.

.. for example — for an unnamed midwestern public school, (don’t worry, it’s not u of i), talking to both students and staff there:

Student: “OMG like God is working here sooooo much! Small group is just such a blessing and everyone’s so welcoming and blah blah blah…”

Staff: “It’s really hard… noone wants to grow nor take responsibility to break out of the mold, the leadership team is really spiritually immature, and noone just takes their faith seriously.”

Sometimes I wonder what different people would say for how God’s working on a campus for Cornell. ‘Cause I mean… if it’s the same God in the same place, would not we all see Him working? Albeit in differing ways, but, present nonetheless?

Other thoughts on cold contact, the Ethiopian eunuch, and small groups to come after my hot hot shower… (no heat in my apt in this 34 degree weather :brrrr:)