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Ivy League Congress

w00t! I just registered for this.

“The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action 2008 is expected to be the largest gathering of Christian Ivy League students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends in history. The¬†weekend is designed to increase our vision and ability to advance the kingdom of Christ in our vocations and our society.

I always imagined college would be like this — going to conferences, being bold & proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all our ridiculously smart campuses. woohoo :D

News from this Ivy League & Beyond

Most days, I don’t remember/realize that I attend an Ivy League school. Today, however, it seemed excruciatingly clear the type of influence and power the children attending school here have/will have.

Why today? A friend of mine recently published an opinion piece in our local school newspaper that basically preached the gospel. Within hours, all of our Christian list-serves were flooded with, “Check out pg. 9 of the Daily Sun!”

What’s funnier/more interesting? are the comments on the online publication –>

In other news, a teacher from Sudan was recently arrested for “defacing” the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Immediately thoughts of my near eastern class are flooding through my mind and the conflicts within Islam.

Anyway… back to my paper on radical fundamentalist Islam.