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the rock obama

(title quoting grandson Piper’s mispronounciation of the name :D)

I caught the flu on Tuesday. But stayed barely conscious to go to Dave’s football game on North (where they lost in the finals.. =/ to a pretty obnoxious team. but anyway) and to watch the last two hours of the election, culminating in Barack’s speech in Grant Park. Times like these make me wish I could still be in Chicago and see history in the making.

Now, I’m not a huge political junkie. I didn’t even vote this year because my absentee ballot would still be in Illinois (or Cali.. I’m actually not sure now) and wouldn’t make much of a difference. I never cast myself on the political left/right meterstick and may never be a strong stance of anything. But I do say this: For those who are vehemetly against Obama, take one day, one week to rejoice in the fact that within a nation where your children will grow up and know that a man of color can become the most powerful man in the nation. Rejoice in the fact that even though right now in the United States slurs, extreme prejudices are rampant in the Bronx, in Compton, in city slums where the color of your skin defines what worth you have, will not define opportunity in the future. Rejoice in the fact that this new generation, my children and yours, will grow up where equal opportunity is the norm and not blissful thinking.

For for those who call themselves bible-believing Christians –adhere to 1 Tim2. Romans 13. Therefore whoever resists the authorities reissts what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgement. I am blessed and humbled by my Christian brothers at school who are avid McCain supporters who take this loss with grace and the knowledge that GOD is still sovereign. Christians of America, please do the same.


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