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Last night after informal praise, some of the girlys and I managed to catch this independent film at our local theatre. I actually enjoyed it — but it’s one of those, you’re not quite sure how to feel right after you leave the movie.

When the finishing credits came on, I literally said — ‘wait, that’s the ending?’ because in a way, it was so dissatisfying. The premise of the movie is about an unnamed boy who plays guitar on the street on the side, and works in his dad’s vacuum cleaner repair shop during the day. He bumps into this unnamed girl who works odd jobs during the day, but is an immigrant from the Czech Republic and loves to play the piano. In a somewhat magical and surreal setting, the two of them start to reveal their pasts to one another — the guy with an ex in London, and the girl’s husband who’s still abroad — through music & song.

All cheesiness aside though, what I expected to be a sappy chick musical/flick turned out to be a little combination of an indie, European version of Garden State (minus the hamsters, plus some guitars).

But I’m still left with the feeling of,… why didn’t the girl stay with the spunky guitar playing, somewhat of an emotional wreakage of a guy? hmmm…

//my favorite line from the movie:

girl: so you do this (playing guitar on the street) for a living, yeah?
guy: no, i actually work in a hoover repair shop..
girl: what a coincidence, eh! i have a broken hoover at home! i’ll bring it to you tomorrow, yeah?