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re: senior year

I remember senior year. I spent half of the year frustrated at people, life, ministry, and church…. and the other half crawling into the throne of the King asking for wisdom, forgiveness, and a means to obey. Senior year I had some of the most magnificent fights of my being (‘Why can’t WE have 10,000?!?’) and some of the most reconciling, truth-infused relationships I’ve ever been in. Senior year I was always running around — from JETs to all the AP classes I took to finishing my 11 college apps to Yearbook to SWAVT to Lincoln and to Willowbrook. I remember senior year.

And as I start my second senior year… those same feelings come rushing back to me. Who knows, maybe it’s some sort of cyclic lessons that reinitiate every four years or something. Except I can already see one huge difference from then and now…. Then I was scared and was motivated through pleasing and finding acceptance and praise from my leaders. Now,… I am rebellious and tend to question, critique and don’t seem to really care what they think of me at all.

Such changes will surely make for a very.. very different senior year.

I miss CCMC. I wouldn’t trade my last senior year for the world.

Senior year, here we go…