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party with jesus

I must confess I have been rather lacking in keeping up with this blog, save random thoughts that have managed to be published throughout this past semester. There actually have been moments where I think, “Wow, I should totally blog about this later…” but alas, time has gotten the best of me…

A brief summary, then maybe I’ll retro-post a couple of thoughts & events from this past semester =)

Highlights of Spring ’08 —

1. Reconciliation. There’s no better word to describe my spring. Being reconciled with one another in the Body, with Christ as I’m starting to learn finally what it means to simply be His and not His slave in ministry.

2. BEING in a small group! Prior to this semester, I have been leading sg non-stop (whether at home or at school) since I’ve been a junior in high school. What joy and blessings it has been to wrestle with my own pride of being a ‘good leader’ and submitting to His authority and control.

3. Satellites. Potential launch in the summer = a LOT of work this semester! But being able to see how secular leadership really parallels servanthood, and getting to know the others on my team and reaching out… completely worth it.

4. Prayer! Being involved in prayer ministry once again and leading Monday prayer meetings, challenging and being challenged into what it means to pray boldly and expectantly for our campus and our lives, and trying not to hide in AT 123 behind closed doors at prayer meeting :P

5. Ivy League Congress. Sounds a little snobby, but was really a great way to open my eyes to the presence of missions in the classroom and job force. Also super cool just to get away for a weekend at Yale :D

6. Basileia. Kingdom come… took Prayer Track — a little heebie at first, but in the end I really enjoyed it. Learning discipline that worship nor prayer is a spiritual/emotional high then plunge, but rather a constant of being attached to His vine. Thoughts of staff (eek!) and really beginning to pray for calling and wisdom in the last year of college. It’s crazy knowing that in one year, I could be working at Boeing again — or prepping to do my Master’s degree — or raising support for staff!

But anyway.. I’ll def. elaborate on each of those throughout the summer =) Things to look forward to!

1. Newsong Conference yay!

2. Soobs and Mike’s wedding this weekend.

3. Wed. night’s frisbee.. just like the midwestern days =)

4. Pinkberry.

5. jj coming to visit! :D