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If i had a Twitter, I would be currently:

– working on my last problem set for 606

– figuring out email prayer updates for the Edge

– researching thai cuisine & traditional dress

– on blackboard downloading lectures

– writing solar sailing simulation in matlab

– looking up relient k lyrics with itunes open

– checking email — gmail open in background

– in duffield.


and who said multitasking was ineffective? :P

lost in a cloud

So I’m sitting here, working on my project for one of the phd level classes i’m taking about alternatives to spacecraft propulsion through solar sailing, and I’m listening to this song about the transfiguration by sufjan stevens and thinking about how good it is that God has come near.


the last lyrics of the song:
What he said to them, 
the voice of God: the most beloved son. 
Consider what he says to you, consider what’s to come. 
The prophecy was put to death, 
was put to death, and so will the Son. 
And keep your word, disguise the vision ’till the time has come. 

Lost in the cloud, a voice. Have no fear! We draw near! 
Lost in the cloud, a sign. Son of man! Turn your ear.