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the bible experience

Ever since hearing about this project last year, I never really paid attention to it. I’ve never really been into audio books, let alone audio bibles — I think mostly, because I love looking at texts as a whole. When I’m listening to something, it’s hard for me to fully grasp where something has been, and what’s to come. Maybe it’s just my intervarsity training, but the inductive-esque style of bible study are my chopsticks when it comes to digging through soul food — there’s something about laying out a passage, double spaced, in 3-4 pages in front of me and seeing connections, references, making notes, etc.

After watching the whole video clip,… wow. I know there’s been a lot of dispute about how it’s just a celebrity-filled reading of the Bible, but honestly, I truly believe this brings the Word of God alive in another dimension. It doesn’t have to be exegesis to be an experience of the Bible,… and for someone like me who’s used to wanting to know what’s before and what’s after, it’s a “w, you need to slow down and listen to what My Word is saying to you NOW” kind of experience.

I get this mental image of some key passages getting played at prayer meeting, large group, meetings,… and responding to the Word made life in such a tangible way.

So yes, in a nutshell, I am waiting for the 11/5