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where are your capitals?

A couple of days ago, I found myself humming Matthew West’s song, You know where to find me, in the shower.

And maybe it’s just one of those.. duh, moments for some of you, but do you ever wonder who certain Christian songs are written for? If it’s a husband to a wife, God to us, us to God, a friend to another friend… somehow, someway, some of the lyrics are all kind of mashed with a slew of emotions and promises that sometimes make those things undiscernable.

One of those… is this song.

As I hummed along and played with my rubber ducky, there goes those lines…

…. if you ever need me, you know where to find, i will be waiting, where i’ve always been…

but just a moment — in my eyes, it’s always been,

GOD, if You ever need me, You know where to find me… I’m ever so faithfully waiting for you! Where I’ve always been..

This reminds me of the Jonah prayer… but that morning (I dunno, maybe it was the shower), it sounded more like..

if you ever need me, my Beloved Daughter.. you know where to find Me. I’ve always been here… where I’ve always been… 

… from if You ever need me,
to, if you ever need Me.

where are your capitals?  =)


take till there’s nothing
nothing to turn to
nothing when you get through

won’t you break?
scattered pieces of all I’ve been
bowing to all I’ve been
running to

….where are You?

nutty grace

There are those days — the ones that are usually marked by some sort of blustery, cloudy storm. The ones what make you wonder where exactly you’re going. And… if you don’t even know where you’re going, how are you supposed to lead others somewhere?

…. what is the Good Shepherd? What’s it mean to be sheep, yet to herd at the same time. Being back at school — as an upperclassman — and clenching onto this judgmental heart of mine  is not really doing so hot…

It is like the monkey with his hand caught in the jar. It would be easy for him to slip his hand out of the opening except that he has his fist clenched around a nut. If he loves the nut more than he loves freedom from the jar, then getting his hand out will be hard, even impossible (as Jesus said to the young man who had his fist clenched around his wealth). But what could be easier than dropping a nut? The battle we have is the struggle to love the freedom of faith more than the nut of sin.  — j.p.


I’m boarding a plane for Syracuse, NY in about eight hours (..which means I’m leaving for the airport in about six).

… so I guess this is really goodbye. Goodbye to late night nuggets stops and midwestern Caribou Coffee and chinese suburban kids.

… and though I so often, so very often, forget, it’s another hello. Hello to your Yaris and egyptians and asian noodle house and this small but simple vision I have of God pouring out his spirit on this seemingly lost campus.

In some ridiculously strange way, You’ve found some way to weave these two completely separate worlds together in a  glorious harmony….

over us,
You shall reign,…