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so here’s a thought,

One of the main components of my Near Eastern studies class (Holy War, Jihad, & Crusade) is the study of violence and the modern relations between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in the world. For our first essay, (read: I have not turned in an essay since freshman writing seminar. eek!) we can choose two prompts:

1. Arguing that monotheism does or does not lead to violence within Christianity, Islam, and/or Judaism, OR

2. The presence of apocalyptic thinking in each of the three religions.

The first prompt has really caught my eye, and originally I wanted to do it for Christianity,… however, when I thought more about it, I realized all of my points were that our monotheism (aka, Christianity) DOES lead to violence. Not in a, God commandeth us to do so kind of way, but in a, humans are so inherently sinful that we resort to violence.

Which leads to questions of, is there justified violence? Do we see that post-Jesus, or is it only a characteristic of the Old Testament?

Is so,… are there justifiable wars?



I wrote this is as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. I’m sure you have friends like these in your life too: hard-working, always on the go, and always trying to serve others. Well, this was my first attempt at writing a lullaby, because I figured that I’d write a song about finding rest in God. I wanted her to know that God loves her and holds her in His arms, and I guess for anyone, that’s a good thought to fall asleep to.
Pitter-patter, I hear her feet
They’re trotting through another day
A pace so fast, it’s hard to keep up
So, I’ll meet her at the end instead
Where she lifts a prayer and lays her thought-filled head down
I would say goodnight this way

*If you close your eyes and listen real close
You just might hear your heartbeat
And may its rhythm lull you to rest
On this peaceful or unsettled night
For it’s the whisper of His love for you

How many smiles she wins a day it’s hard to say
Supposing heaven only knows
Gives all she has and hardly asks for a thing
She even sings herself to sleep
But if I had the honor tonight
I’d sing for her this melody

The lights are off and darkness fills your little room
But you could still see everything
And if you’re restless tonight
Just close your eyes and listen real close
So close you’d hear your heartbeat
And may its rhythm lull you to rest
On this peaceful or unsettled night
For it’s the whisper of His love for you
For it’s His whisper saying “I love you”


This song paints the mental picture of a daughter of God, so desperately and deeply loved, finding solace and refuge in the strength and sovereignty of His promises. I know we all know women such as these… those who are radiant with the love of Christ and gentleness of His character. Each time I listen, it reminds me a little of what He’s (hopefully) molding me into, though I am worlds apart from it now,…

He loves you so much as to listen to your every heartbeat,… 


So tonight marks the night of my first acapella concert on campus (barring the all-Christian acapella group) and I must say, it was pretty cool. I especially enjoyed this one song that seemed like it was a critique of the Gulf war — it’s always interesting and enjoyable hearing student and music groups being concerned and involved about politics, morality, and social issues in their music. There was this article I read a while back about how there’s this shift in rap music from songs about big bootys and bling bling into political issues and morality –… though, I’m not sure if that uh, has shifted back or not.

Anyway, point being: I enjoy music with depth =P

Although,… I did enjoy their rendition of It’s Business Time by Flight of the Conchords.  Business time, that’s why they call them business socks. 

the bible experience

Ever since hearing about this project last year, I never really paid attention to it. I’ve never really been into audio books, let alone audio bibles — I think mostly, because I love looking at texts as a whole. When I’m listening to something, it’s hard for me to fully grasp where something has been, and what’s to come. Maybe it’s just my intervarsity training, but the inductive-esque style of bible study are my chopsticks when it comes to digging through soul food — there’s something about laying out a passage, double spaced, in 3-4 pages in front of me and seeing connections, references, making notes, etc.

After watching the whole video clip,… wow. I know there’s been a lot of dispute about how it’s just a celebrity-filled reading of the Bible, but honestly, I truly believe this brings the Word of God alive in another dimension. It doesn’t have to be exegesis to be an experience of the Bible,… and for someone like me who’s used to wanting to know what’s before and what’s after, it’s a “w, you need to slow down and listen to what My Word is saying to you NOW” kind of experience.

I get this mental image of some key passages getting played at prayer meeting, large group, meetings,… and responding to the Word made life in such a tangible way.

So yes, in a nutshell, I am waiting for the 11/5

a conversation or two

“i don’t know why… but he says he’s intimidated by me.”

“intimidated by you?! why? how?!”

“i’m not sure… i think it’s ’cause i like to talk about things like God and love and social justice, and he’s more used to dating girls who are more…”


“…. i prefer light conversationalists =P”

// while walking to church at 7:45 am in 40 degree weather last sunday

9/11 Terrorist claims to have converted to Christianity

(CBS) Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, claims he converted from Islam to Christianity, Scott Pelley reports in a story that brings viewers inside the secretive Supermax prison where he is being held…
// click to read more

… and also, a response from Boundless.

staff workers

I always find it so amusing talking to people with different perspectives on the same campus.

.. for example — for an unnamed midwestern public school, (don’t worry, it’s not u of i), talking to both students and staff there:

Student: “OMG like God is working here sooooo much! Small group is just such a blessing and everyone’s so welcoming and blah blah blah…”

Staff: “It’s really hard… noone wants to grow nor take responsibility to break out of the mold, the leadership team is really spiritually immature, and noone just takes their faith seriously.”

Sometimes I wonder what different people would say for how God’s working on a campus for Cornell. ‘Cause I mean… if it’s the same God in the same place, would not we all see Him working? Albeit in differing ways, but, present nonetheless?

Other thoughts on cold contact, the Ethiopian eunuch, and small groups to come after my hot hot shower… (no heat in my apt in this 34 degree weather :brrrr:)

the fountain of grace

The first promise given to fallen man was a promise of grace. God never promised Adam anything when He put him in Eden. God never entered into a covenant with him as He did with Abraham. God told him, “Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Genesis 2:17); but when this came to pass, then God came and gave him a gracious promise. He dealt in grace with him. As he left the Garden of Eden he could say to Eve, “Well, God does love us, though He has driven us out.” There was no sign that Adam recognized his lost condition. As far as we know there was no cry for mercy or pardon, no confession of sin. Yet we find that God dealt in grace with him. God sought Adam out that He might bestow His grace upon him. He met Adam in his lost and ruined condition, and the first thing He did was to proclaim the promise of a coming Saviour.

For six thousand years, God has been trying to teach the world this great and glorious truth-that He wants to deal with man in love and in grace. It runs right through the Bible; all along you find this stream of grace flowing, The very last promise in the closing chapter of Revelation, like the first promise in Eden, is a promise of grace: “Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Revelation 22:17). So the whole revelation, and the whole history of man is encircled with grace, the free favor of God.

// d.l.moody


ps. I’m seriously considering going on staff for a year in between ivy league education + building satellites to take over the world.


two hours

… and I’m done! at least, before fall break. And after two weeks of indecisiveness, I decided not to go home this week =/ (home as in Chicawgo home…). But break here will be good.. time to go to the gorges, the commons, experiencing more of ithaca is gorges without (most of) the work load. I have about 139047 doctors appointments during the break though >< (well.. just three) so not feeling too excited about that…

on the other hand, go cubbies!!!!!
k back to studying =)