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News from this Ivy League & Beyond

Most days, I don’t remember/realize that I attend an Ivy League school. Today, however, it seemed excruciatingly clear the type of influence and power the children attending school here have/will have.

Why today? A friend of mine recently published an opinion piece in our local school newspaper that basically preached the gospel. Within hours, all of our Christian list-serves were flooded with, “Check out pg. 9 of the Daily Sun!”

What’s funnier/more interesting? are the comments on the online publication –>

In other news, a teacher from Sudan was recently arrested for “defacing” the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Immediately thoughts of my near eastern class are flooding through my mind and the conflicts within Islam.

Anyway… back to my paper on radical fundamentalist Islam.

sunday mornings

I went to church on Sunday and all I get is a stupid bulletin,
(but that’s not actually true,)

aka, you’re not dead, you just forgot you’re alive.


these past few weeks have been wrestling, actually feeling like i’m wrestling with God in prayer to surrender, look at the bigger picture, and move on.

…. but why is that so.. hard?

the last five years, i have been a slave serving. would You love me the same if i stopped?


… and all of a sudden, I’m 16 and out of breath and hope and my mittens are dripping next to my sides, and i’m staring at your somewhat tear-stained face, wondering why you felt it necessary to not invite me to the emergency servant team meeting.

.. as i get older, i am more and more convinced that the same, petty high school drama that always existed never really goes away. i guess that’s just,… sin.


This is the one word that takes prey on female friendships and circles.

“I feel like you judge the things I say and do.”
“This group is so judgmental.. I can’t be myself around them.”
“… and if I do this, they’re just going to judge me for it.”

I confess to hearing many of these things, and saying them myself. But,… what does it really mean? Granted, the blame is never just on one party… but when you bring out that one phrase — you judged me — all excuses go out the window. It’s that one slightly ambiguous but morally threatening sin that we can bring up concerning other people that you can’t really put your finger on — you merely feel like you were being judged.

Two points to make:

Ultimate judgment comes from the Father. Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. — 1 Cor 4:5. Ultimate judgment comes from our Heavenly Father who will judge all of us when the time comes, and will make His justice prevail. We do things not for the approval of others, but for the greater Judge.

And,… honestly, number two is, most times when we feel judged, it means that we’re hiding something. I can personally attest to that. So maybe the next time we feel judged, look at your own motives. Are they pure? Are they righteous? Or are we merely pushing our own sins and shortcomings on someone else pointing them out?

To close:

But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. — 1 Peter 4:5.

Do we waste time judging and point fingers, or helping one another grow and mature and serve? …You be the judge.

four years

I know this sounds bad but, sometimes I cannot wait to get out of college for my ‘real life’ to start.

.. that is all,…

que es el plan?

So, the current plan for winter break….

12.15.07 — stay in Ithaca for graduation
12.16.07 — fly back to Chicago
12.19.07 — fly to San Diego for holidays
12.28.07 — fly back to Chicago
12.30.07 — camp…?
1.14.07 — fly back to Ithaca!

hmmmmm.. let’s see how much of this actually plays out =P


Concert tickets.

The last two times I had concert tickets to anything, (excluding the Hillsong online ones) they have only resulted in frustration, drama, tears, and meaningless conclusion.




in a week where i just really need you jesus, i’m having an awfully hard time seeing your light…



take till there’s nothing

nothing to turn to
nothing when you get through
won’t you break
scattered pieces of all I’ve been
bowing to all I’ve been running to



where are You?