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the resolution

Well, there is it. The Chicago Cubs… breaking hearts since 1908 =/


ANOTHER YEAR…… (as we say every year). You’ll see — one of these days we’ll make it to the World Series and I shall make it — right along the first baseline, cheering them cubbies on. (Unless of course, Jesus returns and raptures us all before then,… which is looking to be quite likely as of now….)

For the early birds, Cornell will be on the Early Show on CBS! Alumni David Price will be doing something or another, but hey free coffee :) /7am EST.

As for now… another long night ahead as I type up scientific reports for why energy levels of mercury are quantized. w00t!

PS. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but recently my blog post titles have been songs. Props if you can guess what they are :)

summer of ’06

As I was sifting through a friend’s old LJ posts… I found this,

… ’cause I was  standing right behind him when he took that picture. It was a lonely night in the city — around 1 or 2 am, right after college + youth had done cold contact at downtown Naperville. Some of the college folk decided to drive into the city, get greasy fries, and sit with our toes in the sand on the beach,… wondering where we’d all be years from now. i secretly love the city of chicago.

… and, this:

which reminded me of college exec that summer — the one filled with ministry clashes between CFC and IV, and what exactly were we doing about social justice, and trying (for the first time) to net back in some of the asian exodus that happens post-high school….

what a summer that was.