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currently spinning — the war, thought i had died.

With President Obama’s rise to office this past month, a festering issue has united Christians non across the nation — abortion. At the Institute of Biblical studies a few weeks ago, several high school students gave an announcement about representatives from abort73 coming to Ithaca. This got me thinking a tad, in light of the election hooplah last fall (i.e. many Christians I know electing to vote for McCain over Obama because a female vp is the ‘lesser evil’ compared to abortion), i.e. single-issue voters.  

I don’t pretend to be copiously knowledgeable about such an issue — don’t get me wrong — I don’t agree with the slaughtering and grotesque procedures women choose to endure on the claims of a constitutional right, but if I am not picketing in front of Washington DC, does this make me less of a Christian? Do I claim to love Christ less because I see equally distrubing injustices in the slums, the homeless shelters, the nations? What good is it for someone so self-righteous to merely wave a finger in my face for not being superbly involved in an issue as this? As if the more times we yell, protest, stomp and judge, can save the wayward of our nation.

For if we could simply stop sin, or convince others to do what we’d like them to on pure wit and reason, what need is there for a Savior whom can change our hearts towards redemption? He is the only hope. Even with abortion.