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stuck on You

One of the more interesting aspects of working a minimum wage job 10 hours a week to pay for you know, electricity and heat and internet is where I work — Anabel Taylor Hall. Or, for those not familiar with my school, it’s the home of the United Religious Works. It’s essentially three floors of all the somewhat mainstream religious groups you can find all under one delightfully terse yet ‘loving(?)’ roof. We house groups ranging from Latter Day Saints to Hillel to Navs and Cru and IV and Christian Scientists and the Humanists and pretty much 30+ others.


With Ramandan these past few weeks, a number of students from MECA have been coming in and out of the front office asking for keys, equipment, etc. for their daily prayer meetings. The first time one of the guys came in, we shared a conversation as such:


“Hi, can I get the mic?”

“Sure no problem — what group are you part of?”

“Meca. It’s for our daily prayer meetings for Ramandan.”

“Cool — what happens during your prayer meetings?”

“Well… we basically give praise to God and say hymns and recite things out of our books. It’s different from Christian prayer because instead of just asking for things, we actually worship Him…”


At which point I mentally went ‘Oof!’ How sad is it that the impression of our conversations with a gracious and righteous Father is simmered down to only this — a nagging child asking for more and more… stuff? =/