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News from this Ivy League & Beyond

Most days, I don’t remember/realize that I attend an Ivy League school. Today, however, it seemed excruciatingly clear the type of influence and power the children attending school here have/will have.

Why today? A friend of mine recently published an opinion piece in our local school newspaper that basically preached the gospel. Within hours, all of our Christian list-serves were flooded with, “Check out pg. 9 of the Daily Sun!”

What’s funnier/more interesting? are the comments on the online publication –>

In other news, a teacher from Sudan was recently arrested for “defacing” the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Immediately thoughts of my near eastern class are flooding through my mind and the conflicts within Islam.

Anyway… back to my paper on radical fundamentalist Islam.

so here’s a thought,

One of the main components of my Near Eastern studies class (Holy War, Jihad, & Crusade) is the study of violence and the modern relations between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in the world. For our first essay, (read: I have not turned in an essay since freshman writing seminar. eek!) we can choose two prompts:

1. Arguing that monotheism does or does not lead to violence within Christianity, Islam, and/or Judaism, OR

2. The presence of apocalyptic thinking in each of the three religions.

The first prompt has really caught my eye, and originally I wanted to do it for Christianity,… however, when I thought more about it, I realized all of my points were that our monotheism (aka, Christianity) DOES lead to violence. Not in a, God commandeth us to do so kind of way, but in a, humans are so inherently sinful that we resort to violence.

Which leads to questions of, is there justified violence? Do we see that post-Jesus, or is it only a characteristic of the Old Testament?

Is so,… are there justifiable wars?


9/11 Terrorist claims to have converted to Christianity

(CBS) Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, claims he converted from Islam to Christianity, Scott Pelley reports in a story that brings viewers inside the secretive Supermax prison where he is being held…
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