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all i once held dear..

I’m currently enrolled, and will be graduating early (possibly to obtain a Masters) of the #1 Applied & Engineering Physics program in the nation. On my desk are two fed-ex envelopes, both offers for the summer, envelopes filled with promises of internships & wealth (kind of). I sit, typing at my semi-ancient (but still functional) labtop computer, with electrical lighting, in a nicely heated apartment in the continental United States.

The world tells me I have everything it could offer,

but i beg to differ.
i want more.

i think sometimes i get so caught up
in this notion of what’s GOOD and what’s GOOD for me,
me who is so selfish and weak and wanting the attention
and fame and glory of some prestigious internship position. maybe
just maybe, thats why this semester has been so nerve wracking
with notions of THE CALLING and maybe how i’ll fail God
by going the engineering route, or how i might fail my parents
by going the staff worker route, or how i have no clue
what i’m supposed to be doing anymore, and i just need
to let go
and let God
tell me what’s best.