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because everyone deserves a new beginning.


I’m currently at orientation for my trip this summer and in compeletely in awe of what a healer, Lord, provider, and comforter the God I serve and delight in is. See you in two months USA!


If i had a Twitter, I would be currently:

– working on my last problem set for 606

– figuring out email prayer updates for the Edge

– researching thai cuisine & traditional dress

– on blackboard downloading lectures

– writing solar sailing simulation in matlab

– looking up relient k lyrics with itunes open

– checking email — gmail open in background

– in duffield.


and who said multitasking was ineffective? :P


It’s a sad day when I see An Extended Navier-Stokes and the Challenges of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics for Speed of Light Travel on, get excited, understand the proposal, and desire to contribute further to this topic.

Days like these I still wonder what I’m pursuing with my life. As a follower of Christ I believe that my ultimate pursuit is to glorify God and enjoy Him forevermore (WC). Yet what does that mean in a world of careers, ambitions, and goals? How does that translate to someone who is wholeheartedly implanted in the boroughs of Clark Hall where the physicists live? 

Then there’s the further question of being a woman in such fields, with conflicting desires of solving the energy crisis and taking care of (future) children. How do these desires not conflict??


Maybe it’s just the thought that I graduate in two months. May seems like a black hole from this view and I’m just sucked in… swoosh… swoosh….. gravity increases… time slows… radiation.. event horizon!!!…



pressing on

because i need to hope that God is bigger than this.




ps. I accepted a job (and turned down MIT). but, LA-bound!


..Love never ends… — 1 cor 13:8.


because it’s just like You
to turn these broken things into new

in christ alone

There is a richness in what it means to know Him when the perils of hell are close at hand. This past weekend, I was able to participate in an inter-faith in which only 4-5 Christians… out of over 100 differing people, representing over 20 faiths. And as I am sitting there, slowly chewing on my naan and hummus, listening to how all religions really lead to the same place, people sharing about their odd dietary restrictions that bring them joy, everyone sharing and noddly gleefully or that certain truths that may work for one person may not work for another person, I found myself saying something similar to the following:

“Hey guys… I have a question for you. I know this dinner tonight is to promote interfaith and peace and learning and I’m all for that but… I fail to see how all religions are supposed to ultimately be the same. In our pursuit for truths within religions, how can all religions which hold very different truths all lead to the same God?”

*blank stares*

“So for example — the persona of Jesus. In three of the Abrahamic religions which easily constitute half the population of the world, He is a radically different person. In Judaism, he’s a mere historical figure — a person who lived and died. In Islam, he is a prophet yes, but nowhere near in status as Mohammed. In Christianity, He is the son of a living God who has lived, died for our sins and was resurrected. How can these all be truth?”

I think my proclamation shocked most of my table which consisted of: a buddhist monk, a mormon, a roman catholic, a unitarian, a christian scientist, a jew, a hindu, and a roman catholic/explorer of faiths. Even if I were not a Christian, I simply do not believe how any truth can be relative! It’s like ‘choosing’ to adhere to the laws of gravity or not. On Monday during lunch, I tried explaining to a dear friend of mine why I share the gospel with her every year even though she shoots it down — If I didn’t try sharing this truth with you, I would either be a liar or a hypocrite — a liar because I simple don’t care about your soul and what happens to you when you die, or a hypocrite — that I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is a universal truth that affects the entire world.


I hope the Lord can grant me this kind of urgency as I enter almost my last semester as a college student…. I remember one of my deepest regrets from high school was not being bold enough in the faith. 




there are these times
when i know You are good
and sovereign and worth it


but these times i find myself asking
are You worth the sacrifice

letting down my professors, my peers,… the world?

in CHRIST alone….