A friend of mine made the observation this previous summer that for the majority of my (semi)adult life, I’ve been operating under the pretense of being independent and thus, comes the ease in disagreeing with my parents. Throughout all of highschool and most of college, I’ve learned that the fundamental thing that separates myself with my family, deeper than even the home and blood we share, is a faith in Jesus Christ that puts us in drastically separate places on the other side of death.

Because of this, I’ve ensued in a number of arguments, disagreements, fits, where my parents claim such things that I believe in are but a fads and phases… because of this, it is now that I have no problem disagreeing with them and standing up for what I believe in. My entire life has been a series of rebellious cases against them, though contradictory to the nominal definition of ‘rebellion.’

Though the ease does not come without heartache, nor the exasperation I feel whenever I hear them talk about how important a successful career, successful marriage, successful life, all are…

1 Response to “against”

  1. 1 kristielee January 5, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    i feel you there, hun. hope everything is okay at home…i’m around to talk if you need!

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