at eleven ten

I’m so excited to hear that The Time Traveler’s Wife is being made into a movie! I read this book in my senior year of high school for a writing seminar class and have been enamoured by it ever since. Maybe it’s just because I’m a sucker for old fashioned romance, but it’s one of those books that I reread every year or so. I also think Rachel McAdams would make a great Clare :)


So lately I’ve been talking about relationships a decent amount with one of the girls I meet up with. Beyond the initial giggling and questions about my S.O., we were sharing how especially in Christ-centered relationships, they are one huge way to shed light in a world of broken, promiscuous and self-satisfying relationships. Over the summer, my fellow interns were often shocked by how I did not cohabitate with or engage in pre-marital shenanigans with my boyfriend, as if these things were that commonplace within collegiate relationships (though, sometimes also with Christian relationships but that’s for another time). I realized I love and appreciate my boyfriend for different reasons than why the world may think… how when I am struggling he first offers scripture and encouragement to me rather than himself. Or how he prays over and for me to receive His blessings and know I am loved by my Father first and foremost. Or simply how he is in the Word everyday, all the time, and has a heart after His own which encourages me to do the same. (I like it when he feeds me too =D)


Romances like the Henry and Clare’s are great, but they’re not real. What is, is a Truth that never fades, never lies, never disappears, never lets go…

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