all i have to give

There are times that I could seriously contemplate leaving this school and be satisfied in never hearing from anyone here again (save a few people). It’s a rather sad and sobering thought for how cold I can be sometimes and how little I can actually care about the other people here when push comes to shove… am I more bitter? More jaded? More tuned into this reality that these seasons of life are so fleeting and things simply change…?


I am reminded of the LORD’s promise that He has removed this heart of stone and given me a heart for flesh, but its times like these that I’m really reminded, I am sin, sinner, unworthy, undeserving of any love or grace. In an email to my small group today I shared a passage in Romans where Paul reminds us that even as sinners! while we were sinners He came… He died… He redeemed. While my heart is calloused and bruised and cold He has come to make me whole to bring more Glory to him.


how many times have i gone astray?
the number’s the same as the stars in the sky…

every time You’ve taken me back
and now i pray You’ll do it once more 

please take away my life
when i don’t have the strength
to give it away to You 

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