the truth

This morning I woke up with a very, very sore neck, back, and arms — most likely the result of being on my feet and entertaining corporate guests for 12+ hours yesterday. I smiled, nodded, accepted resumes, called out fakers, smiled some more and… maybe accomplished very little.

Sometimes I wonder about the Romans and think, in an accomplishment driven society that they lived in when Christ was introduced to them… what did they think of these poor, often ratty disciples who called them to repentance? What did they think of John Mark, one of their own, who came returned with such an easy gospel to understand that calls us to repent and lay down our lives for a homeless man! What did they think when the royalty and lavishness and accomplishments they have built up in this earth meant nothing…. for a King who has come to ransom them all didn’t have a degree, much pedigree, nor a clean bloodline.

Sometimes I wonder how people see Jesus but then I wonder if they just see me and think this is what a life filled with grace (or, supposedly so) must be. A covet-er of busyness, pride, and ambition. Such is not a man, a Son that I follow…. I had this random thought last night before I drifted to sleep that I’ve lied to every single person I’ve ever met. What a wretched soul must be of mine =/

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