staff workers

I always find it so amusing talking to people with different perspectives on the same campus.

.. for example — for an unnamed midwestern public school, (don’t worry, it’s not u of i), talking to both students and staff there:

Student: “OMG like God is working here sooooo much! Small group is just such a blessing and everyone’s so welcoming and blah blah blah…”

Staff: “It’s really hard… noone wants to grow nor take responsibility to break out of the mold, the leadership team is really spiritually immature, and noone just takes their faith seriously.”

Sometimes I wonder what different people would say for how God’s working on a campus for Cornell. ‘Cause I mean… if it’s the same God in the same place, would not we all see Him working? Albeit in differing ways, but, present nonetheless?

Other thoughts on cold contact, the Ethiopian eunuch, and small groups to come after my hot hot shower… (no heat in my apt in this 34 degree weather :brrrr:)

1 Response to “staff workers”

  1. 1 raymondli December 25, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    where are your thoughts on cold contact? =D

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