ironic indeed

It’s safe to say now, two weeks after my initial doctor’s appointment, that throughout this whole ordeal, I have been cared for and supported throughout the many appointments to follow, shots, blood tests, medications, trips to the pharmacy, and even ER visit.

What’s ironic is that most of that support comes from people outside my fellowship (save my apt mates + the bf). My project team offers to pick up slack for work I cannot accomplish because I’m busy… the friends in my major take notes for me and give them to me when I come to class. They call whenever I skip for an appointment, or just to ask how I’m doing and feeling. My jerzey friends call and visit (multiple times) whenever I need to get more drugs, or simply to see how I am and keep me company.


Not at all to complain, or be judgmental, for I am eternally grateful for those who have been by my side…  I just find it exceedingly ironic that this place of supposed Body, Unity, Fellowship… I feel looked over, brushed to the side, passed by. ironic indeed…

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