like a beggar


That’s how many verses we got through before The Conversation happened.  Somewhere between smothering our still warm pumpkin pies with whipped cream, and flipping through Acts 3, and thinking about how Peter could have possibly stopped for this lame beggar — somewhere, some time ago, The Conversation was already brewing.

Why? Because it’s one of those conversations. The ones that sgl’s usually feel freakishly giddy and anxious about — giddy because it’ll be something they desperately have a heart for, but hard because you know, sometimes we don’t have it all figured out. (just sometimes though ;])

Because for a moment during small group, the world stopped revolving around Ithaca, NY. And the power of the Gospel, the very Word of Christ (capitals intentional) broke through and asked the question of, who are those lame beggars we pass by every day? And not just the “spiritually” impoverished, but the actual, physically, fiscally, health-wisely, impoverished.

The Conversation turned to homelessness, and poverty in China. Then it took a tangent to when to give money to the homeless, and if that’s the answer — but if not, what is? And when we do find out what that is, how do we get there? Even so, why is it different for Christians? Why should Christians care?

(… and then, The Question. In a series of like.. 23430 questions my sg blurted out to me in the period of one microsecond..)

What is the role of the Christian in matters of justice in bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth?


At this point I actually smiled.

This is where it gets fun, kids =)

to be continued at next week’s small group… 

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