nutty grace

There are those days — the ones that are usually marked by some sort of blustery, cloudy storm. The ones what make you wonder where exactly you’re going. And… if you don’t even know where you’re going, how are you supposed to lead others somewhere?

…. what is the Good Shepherd? What’s it mean to be sheep, yet to herd at the same time. Being back at school — as an upperclassman — and clenching onto this judgmental heart of mine  is not really doing so hot…

It is like the monkey with his hand caught in the jar. It would be easy for him to slip his hand out of the opening except that he has his fist clenched around a nut. If he loves the nut more than he loves freedom from the jar, then getting his hand out will be hard, even impossible (as Jesus said to the young man who had his fist clenched around his wealth). But what could be easier than dropping a nut? The battle we have is the struggle to love the freedom of faith more than the nut of sin.  — j.p.

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