missions field

College is exciting because every other week, you receive an email or support letter about a friend who has decided to abandon his/her formerly ambitious career plans to become an engineer/doctor/lawyer, and serve God semi-long-term overseas. I find that after being in a predominantly work-driven environment for the past two months, that the passion and drive (and faith) to do something like that quickly dwindles after that graduation hat is thrown. Maybe it’s the combination of the alluring promise of security and comfort and 401k’s. (I shouldn’t even be one to speak.. I’m watching my one share of stock grow each day).

But maybe, just maybe, when it’s when we’re all going off to our specific locations, whether in China or some other SE Asian country or Florida or an IV college campus or social work or the public school system or AMD or even Boeing… we realize that it’s really all the same, mission, you know. When you strip away the location and the titles and the prestige (or lack thereof), its the same need and the same resistance. Whether it’s in the form of stubborn college kids or prideful flight directors, the same battle is being fought… and no matter where or what our missions field,… are we living out our callings?

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