i think i really, really need to be more careful about what i say and the way i say things. i tend to let my mouth and tongue run wild — i usually make snide remarks, coarse comments, mutter under my breath, roll my eyes… and, (though some have been relentlessly gracious about it) it’s starting to take its toll.

 maybe there’s a line between being honest and being hurtful. maybe there’s a line between being vulnerable and being offensive. i wrote a while back about honesty having a speed limit;… i feel like i’m about to topple over a cliff of self destructive comments.

and maybe it’s not about controlling what i say. or how i say it. maybe it’s simply being more with the Father who always knows what to say and when to say them…

… perhaps i should practice being silent for a while.
// you know, sometimes i’m scared that if i do change, people will still judge me for who i was. maybe that’s a fear that’ll never really go away.

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