medium sweetened passionfruit iced tea, … shaken, not stirred.

aka… starbucks, the next best thing after the fruit parfaits at ctb.


tonight’s large group was something concerning xx-xy relationships — how they’re all broken, and all in need of a savior too. we talked about common misconceptions we have of the other gender, and if we thought they were true or not. we talked about genesis 2, and the fall, and men and women together are whole in God’s image.

one of the misconceptions that guys shared was that girls are always overly sensitive and emotional. which… i think is true to a certain extent. but i don’t know..

sometimes there are those things, you know? the testimony you read about a girl who’s been cutting herself her entire life but now wants to feel the joy of jesus instead of the control of pain. the class of third graders who finally have a teacher in the bronx who loves them and won’t take flight in light of hardship. the group of christians who are determined to make a mark in this generation and just decide to start praying until something happens.

and these things do make me emotional. they make me joyful, or sad, or angry with the world and sin and myself, or shame, or fear, or nostalgia, or longing, deep longing for a world that is our rightful home.

but i think i’d rather this.
“what if you’re not just being emotional? what if everything just breaks your heart…?” – e.

to live is to feel… right?

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