workout plan

for the last 24 hours, a number of christians on campus participated in globalfast2007.

and now i’m kinda tired. and kinda cranky. and kinda stuffed from eating most of a grand slam from shortstop deli (note: a grand slam is a 12 inch long and … 3? inch wide sandwich. uh huh) while watching i. and m. duke it out in the naruto video game.

but i guess today was alright. (had an interesting conversation about church with my lab partner….)

i’m realizing more and more how disciplined i was over the summer, and how… not i am this semester. something i’ve been thinking about a lot is, no more distractions, no more distractions

i think my sg and i are working towards trying different types of fasting and prayer and building it up on it for the end of the semester. working out is much more durable (and possibly.. enjoyable?) when others are you are doing it too.

i.e…. this is what it looks like around hour 22:

hour 22.

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